Bringing Better Health: Health Connect – Linking Care for a Healthier Community

People often say we don’t truly realise how important good health is until we get sick. In the past few years, we’ve been reminded of this many times. In recent times, this wisdom has resonated louder than ever, serving as a stark reminder of the fragility of our well-being. Against this backdrop, a beacon of hope emerges, lighting a path toward a healthier future right here in our city.

Considering this, and how much City Property cares about health in our city, we’re proud and excited to tell you about the upgrade of the Ina Building into a modern, comprehensive, health centre to meet the rising community demand and needs.

The Seamless Integration of Healthcare Services: Building a Health Precinct

With the transformation of the Ina Building comes a grand vision—a health precinct spanning an entire city block. With this, comes the renaming of the Ina Building to Health Connect.  

The objective is nothing short of crafting an integrated, functional, and secure haven for different types of healthcare practitioners serving the neighbouring communities. Located at the intersection of Francis Baard and Sisulu Street, Health Connect stands shoulder to shoulder with the Louis Pasteur Hospital. 

Once a storehouse for archives, Health Connect will become a modern, inviting medical suite with welcoming reception areas. The revitalisation journey encompasses both exterior and interior rejuvenation, wherein both the inside and outside of the building will receive a comprehensive makeover, while the ground floor retains its retail charm. A captivating facelift awaits the front of the building too, with interesting designs that will give the illusion of movement and intrigue.  


Bridging Lives: Pioneering Unity in Care

The managing director of City Property, Jeffrey Wapnick, attests to the bustling activity already underway. “They are busy transforming the upper floors. The newly created consultation rooms and waiting areas will offer a refreshing change – we’ll be moving away from the orthodox and sterile aesthetic that most healthcare facilities adopt by creating spaces that are warm and welcoming” he explains

We’re not just upgrading the building. We’re also creating a link between Health Connect and the Louis Pasteur Hospital. This will be a bridge on the fourth floor that lets patients and healthcare workers move easily between the two places. This partnership with the hospital is all about making a special place where people can get excellent medical care and feel comfortable and cared for.

Elevating convenience, new beds, and stretcher lifts will grace the facility, ensuring free-flowing movement. An additional covered link bridge will emerge, harmoniously connecting the Louis Pasteur parking garage to Health Connect’s first floor—a testament to our unwavering commitment to accessibility.


A Glimpse into Tomorrow: Shaping a Healthier Future

By the close of 2023, this masterpiece shall stand fully realised, ready to welcome medical practitioners in February 2024. Wapnick reflects, “Through the establishment of the health precinct with multi-disciplinary practices we are building healthier communities. We remain dedicated to meeting the changing needs of the community while creating spaces that promote healing, comfort, and innovation”

In a world marked by challenges, Health Connect stands as a testament to our resilience, unity, and unwavering commitment to well-being. In embracing this venture, we pave a path towards a healthier, harmonious future—a legacy etched into the very heart of our city’s landscape.

For more information, take a look at our brochure here