Revitalising Pretoria CBD’s Church Square: A Stunning Transformation and Hidden Treasures Unveiled

We are proud to announce that City Property will be playing a pivotal role as a key stakeholder in the Church Square Revival Project (CSRP), spearheading efforts to breathe new life into this historical square. This project, a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors as well as the local community, is dedicated to rejuvenating Church Square, transforming it into a thriving tourist destination and a welcoming public space.

Central to this venture is the attempt to make the area cleaner and more accessible, laying the foundation for the broader aspiration of fostering a vibrant public square. An essential part of this vision involves revitalising previously vacant or underutilised buildings, converting them into dynamic community assets. Through City property’s dedication to this endeavour, Church Square is on its way to becoming a vibrant, bustling hub, bridging the past with a promising future, and offering a warm welcome to visitors and locals alike.

Visitors to Church Square have always had the opportunity to step into the footsteps of legendary figures like Nelson Mandela, explore Paul Kruger’s office in the Ou Raadsaal, and take in the panoramic views from the square’s rooftops. However, this historical site had been neglected, becoming a haven for drug peddlers and criminals.

The rejuvenation efforts have a twofold mission: to transform Church Square into a thriving tourist destination and a public space, while also making it cleaner and more accessible to the public. In addition, this initiative serves as a catalyst for rejuvenating Pretoria’s inner city. For too long, a communication divide has kept stakeholders, government entities, and development organisations at a distance from one another. This separation has hindered us from recognising our shared interests and harnessing our collective strength. However, encouragingly, this gap is gradually narrowing, and a growing awareness is emerging. We’re beginning to understand that our shared goals far outweigh any differences that may exist among us. It’s a call to action, a reminder to unite and ‘Make Common Cause’ to ensure the success of this revitalisation endeavour.

As City Property, we believe that all across the world, a city square is the heartbeat of any city center, and the iconic Church Square is no different. Its uniqueness as a center point in the heart of Pretoria can’t be underestimated, and the history surrounding it is part and parcel of the tapestry of our Rainbow Nation today. That’s why we believe that this heartbeat of the city needs to thrive again – it needs to live and be vibrant, it needs to be a place where all who call Pretoria home can feel proud of, where our businesses can flourish, and where everyone who enters Church Square can feel they are in one of the most iconic parts of the city.

The CSRP project is driven by a dynamic coalition of individuals from the community, the public and private sectors, including the City of Tshwane Municipality, Capital Collective NPO, TMPD, SAPS, the Pretoria Society of Advocates, and City Property Administration. Local shops, property owners, businesses in the area, and the grassroots community are all encouraged to engage and provide their valuable support.

The rejuvenation of Church Square is a testament to the power of community and the significance of preserving historical landmarks that connect us to our past and inspire our future.