It Starts With A Meal

Hunger, an ancient struggle that’s been tagging along with humanity since forever, it still hangs around like an unwelcome guest in different nooks of the world.

That feeling of an empty tummy doesn’t just remind us of the unfairness that’s still kicking around, but it also serves as a call to step up.

Right in the center of this fight against hunger, there’s this plain yet important idea: it all starts with a meal.


The Cause

In our ongoing quest to make a visible difference, we mark the ‘Rise Against Hunger’ packing day as one of the most impactful dates on our calendar. This day ties together the spirit of unity, compassion, and the immovable belief that a collective effort can create a ripple of positive change. With the dedicated assistance of our staff members, we recently achieved a remarkable milestone – packing just over 115,000 meals. These aren’t just numbers; they represent sustenance, hope, and a chance for a brighter future. 

The Numbers

Imagine this: nearly 500 children will now have the opportunity to enjoy five nutritious meals every week for an entire year. It’s a small yet mighty step towards breaking the cycle of hunger and poverty that has held so many communities hostage. In the spirit of #MandelaMonth, we’re reminded of Madiba’s quote – “There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return.” Each member of our staff diligently contributed for precisely 67 minutes, an embodiment of selflessness that exemplifies the profound significance of this cause.

In the heart of the impressive efforts by Rise Against Hunger, a group dedicated to wiping out hunger through empowering communities, providing essential nourishment, and rapidly responding to emergencies, we discover a sense of comfort. It’s a privilege to stand alongside this united front working hard to alleviate the hardship of hunger.

In our own backyard, unsettling numbers bring into sharp focus just how serious the matter is. A startling 3.1 million youngsters grapple with persistent hunger each day. It’s worth highlighting that a striking 90% of brain development unfolds before turning five, emphasizing the pressing need for adequate nourishment during these foundational years. Equally unsettling is the revelation that 1 in 5 South African children under six face developmental setbacks.

For a solid six years, our steadfast dedication has stretched far and wide. Throughout this journey, we’ve strived to serve up almost 760,000 meals. This carefully created source of nourishment that includes rice, soya, dried veggies, is amped up with vital minerals and vitamins, and sticks faithfully to the benchmarks set out by UNICEF. This blend isn’t just about feeding bodies; it stands as a determined barrier against malnutrition, a symbol of our unyielding commitment to facing this challenge headlong.

The Future

As we look to the road ahead, we discover comfort in the idea that it all starts off with a meal. A meal that quells hunger, sparks potential, and acts like a spark for transformation. Each rice grain, every packet of nutrients, and all those solid hours of lending a hand meld into a harmony of compassion that echoes far past the packing day. Just like in times gone by, these meals will be spread out to early childhood development centers across Gauteng, courtesy of the Rise Against Hunger network.

Together, we set off on a quest that’s more than just about food– it’s a journey of empowerment, of nurturing, and of shaping a world where nobody has to endure the nagging pang of an empty belly.