Museum Day – time to explore other things

Whether you’re a history buff, natural science nerd or anthropology enthusiast – go and experience the places that fosters curiosity and stimulates creativity and critical thinking.


Museums are there to remind us of our contributions towards knowledge, memory, nation building and entertainment, and on Saturday, 18 May we celebrate International Museum Day. Museum Day aims to create a more conscious, sustainable and inclusive world.

We invite you to explore the various museums in two of Gauteng’s greatest cities. You’ll be surprised of how many museums there are. In celebration of the day, most museums have special displays, talks and presentations with some even offering free entry on the day.

If you’re in the capital city on Saturday, 18 May, feel free to join us for a free tour around the historical buildings around Church Square. The tour is organised by the Church Square Revival Project, of which we are a proud member. The tour will start in front of the Old Raadsaal at 10:00. To join, please rsvp here:…/1FAIpQLSeGYgHzmVD…/viewform…

This year’s theme is “museums for education and research”. Museums are vital spaces where education and research come together to shape our understanding of the world.

For more information, check out this Facebook event: (20+) International Museum Day Tour | Facebook

Whatever you have planned this weekend, go and explore a museum or two, and let’s realise the transformative potential museums have.