Embracing the Charm of Pretoria: A Love Letter to Our City

Pretoria, the vibrant capital city of South Africa, holds a special place in the hearts of its residents (and City Property). From its lively atmosphere to its rich cultural heritage, there are countless reasons why we love our city. 


Pretoria is more than just a geographical location; it’s a feeling of belonging and pride. From the moment you step foot in our city, you’re greeted with warmth and hospitality, making you feel right at home.

These are the reasons why we love our city: 

We Love the Vibe of Our City

The energy of Pretoria is infectious. Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets or relaxing in one of its many parks, there’s always a vibrant atmosphere that invigorates the soul.

We Love the People of Our City

The diversity of cultures and backgrounds that make up the fabric of Pretoria is truly remarkable. It’s this melting pot of identities that enriches our city and fosters a sense of unity and understanding among its residents.

We Love the Culture of Our City

Pretoria is steeped in history and culture, with numerous landmarks and museums that tell the story of its past. From the Union Buildings to Freedom Park, each site holds a piece of our city’s heritage that we cherish and celebrate. 

Pretoria boasts the second-highest number of embassies after Washington, reflecting its significance as a global diplomatic hub and adding to the rich tapestry of cultures that thrive within our city. We celebrate the fusion of people and culture that makes our city a dynamic melting pot.

We Love the Flowers that Beautify Our City

There’s something magical about the sight of jacaranda trees in bloom, painting the city in shades of purple. These beautiful flowers not only add to the aesthetic appeal of Pretoria but also symbolise renewal and growth.

Speaking of flowers, have you seen our ‘Colour My City’ project? This is one of our improvement projects that involve cleaning and revitalising various planter boxes across the city and adorning them with a stunning array of colourful flowers. These vibrant displays can be found in numerous public spaces throughout the city, including the iconic Church Square.

Check out the blog here: 

We Love the Art in Our City

Art lovers will find plenty to admire in Pretoria, from street murals to galleries showcasing local talent. The creative spirit of our city is alive and thriving, offering endless inspiration to both residents and visitors alike.

We Love Vibing in the City at 012central

012central, the creative hub of Pretoria, is where the city comes alive with music, art, and cultural events. It’s a place where people gather to connect, create, and celebrate the vibrant spirit of our city.

012central is the cornerstone of the precinct, this raw, urban space is dotted with art, greenery and has an incredible sense of scale. There is a sizeable outside section too. This venue can accommodate up to 1200 guests (standing).

Learn more here: 

We Love Revitalising the City

Pretoria is constantly evolving, with ongoing efforts to revitalise its urban spaces and enhance the quality of life for its residents. Whether it’s through urban renewal projects or community initiatives, we take pride in contributing to the positive transformation of our city.

Recently, City Property played a pivotal role as a key stakeholder in the Church Square Revival Project (CSRP), spearheading efforts to breathe new life into the historical square. This project, a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors as well as the local community, was dedicated to rejuvenating Church Square, transforming it into a thriving tourist destination and a welcoming public space.

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We Love the Historical Landmarks in Our City

From the old railway station to the historic churches, Pretoria is dotted with landmarks that reflect its storied past. These architectural treasures serve as reminders of our city’s journey through time and the resilience of its people.

We Love that You Can Work, Live, and Play in the City

Pretoria offers the perfect balance of opportunities for work, leisure, and recreation. Whether you’re pursuing your career ambitions, enjoying the vibrant nightlife, or exploring the outdoor adventures on offer, there’s something for everyone in our city.

We Love When We Come Together to Clean Up Our City

Community spirit is alive and well in Pretoria, as evidenced by the collective efforts to keep our city clean and green. Whether it’s organising neighbourhood clean-up drives or planting trees in local parks, we take pride in taking care of our city and preserving its beauty for future generations.

We Love the Skylines of Our City

The skyline of Pretoria is a sight to behold, with its mix of modern skyscrapers and historic landmarks. Whether viewed from a distance or up close, the silhouette of our city against the sky never fails to inspire awe and admiration.

We Love the Community in Our City

At the heart of Pretoria lies its strong sense of community, where neighbours look out for one another and come together to celebrate milestones and support each other through challenges. It’s this sense of belonging and camaraderie that makes our city feel like home.

In Pretoria, love is woven into the very fabric of our city, from its vibrant streets to its rich cultural tapestry. Whether it’s the blooming jacarandas, the bustling markets, or the warm smiles of its residents, there’s no shortage of reasons to love and celebrate the charm of Pretoria. 

As we continue to grow and evolve, let’s cherish the beauty of our city and the unique spirit that binds us together as proud Pretorians.