Broker Competition Announcement

The re-establishment of the CBDs are paying off and inner cities are attracting a new calibre of tenant. This is according to inner city retail expert and broker, Gavin Sacks.


City Property recently had the pleasure of announcing Gavin as the winner of our broker competition. Launched at the end of 2016, the competition was indemnified as a fun and entertaining way to develop and strengthen relationships within the broker community. Participants were challenged to bring in the highest deal value per square meter in the Johannesburg commercial portfolio and a trip for two to a top destination was offered as the prize. Gavin won by achieving this and leasing a major retail space. Click here to listen to Gavin’s comments on his participation in competition and winning the prize.

Like City Property Gavin has a strong interest in the Johannesburg CBD. With more than 20 years of experience, he had some heart-warming stories to share on the centre of town, its people and all the changes that the CBD has experienced. Gavin believes the rejuvenation that City Property has brought about is attracting tenants of calibre back to our cities. Click here to listen to his insights.

As a leader in the industry, City Property will continue to rejuvenate and uplift the centre of Gauteng’s top cities so that these spaces can be used and loved by the people. All brokers are invited to participate and join the 2018 competition which will be rolled out in both Johannesburg and Pretoria from March 2018. Interested parties can get in touch via email or call our office on 0123198700 to speak to a representative for more infromation.

City Property would like to thank all participants and independent auditors Griesel Nel Incorporated who ensured that the competition was carried out according to law.