Unity This Heritage Day


Built on the back of a rich diverse culture, this year City Property is doing something different. Instead of celebrating our individual cultures on Heritage Day, we have embraced the theme of unity to emphasise how as South Africa, we are stronger together.

Heritage Day provides the perfect opportunity for us to recognise what unites us rather than what divides us. We’ve decided to celebrate our uniqueness – recognising the richness of our country and our diversity. While we appreciate and accept our differences, we also acknowledge that these differences have been waved into the richness of our diversity.

The aim of Heritage Day is to celebrate this diversity and the fact that the nation belongs to all South Africans. While we are all inclined to identify with our different cultures, beliefs and traditions on Heritage Day, it also provides an ideal opportunity to come together and unite as one nation. Recognising and accepting what we have in common transcends our differences – we are all proudly South African.

As a proudly South African company, City Property is committed to contributing to a future that is dynamic and cohesive. We understand that the complexity of a multi-cultural society is what makes us unique and truly South African. With this in mind, staff were requested to go bold and dress in the colour of our national flag and they did not disappoint!

“Heritage Day speaks about our past, our present and our future. By changing and improving the urban landscape we create spaces for communities to thrive, Jeffrey Wapnick, managing director of City Property said. “With our roots firmly grounded in South Africa, we remain committed to contributing to a future that is dynamic and cohesive.”

Borrowing from the motto on our Coat of Arms, we can be united in our diversity. !ke e: /xarra //ke meaning Diverse people unite.