Spreading Love and Joy: City Property’s Commitment to the Santa Shoebox Initiative

In 2015, we embarked on a heartwarming journey with the Santa Shoebox initiative, a commitment that has only strengthened over the years. The impact has been nothing short of remarkable, with 5,562 Santa Shoeboxes pledged and delivered to children in need in Pretoria and Johannesburg. 

A Santa Shoebox is more than just a gift; it’s a carefully curated box filled with items that bring joy to a child’s heart. Each box contains a clothing item, stationary, an educational toy, toys, toiletries, sweets, and a special card from the dedicated City Property staff. What makes this initiative unique is the element of personal touch – each staff member decorates their own box, adhering to a theme that adds an extra layer of magic. This year’s theme, “Share the love,” took the spirit of giving to new heights.

Beyond the Box

The commitment goes beyond the contents of the box. We have provided the Santa Shoebox initiative with rent-free warehouse space since 2020, serving as an administration hub for virtual pledges. The City Care team handles logistics, purchases, communication with staff, and the delivery of the Santa Shoeboxes to various drop-off points. This collaborative effort transforms the initiative into a festive celebration within the City Property offices, bringing together employees, suppliers, and tenants.

A Collaborative Community Effort – The Spirit of Collective Giving

We understand the power of collaboration. Suppliers and tenants actively participate by offering staff assistance, providing stock at reduced rates, printing stickers, and sponsoring trailers for box deliveries. The collective effort reflects a shared commitment to making a positive impact during the festive season.

Every Santa Shoebox is a pledge, carrying a promise of love and joy to a child in need. The initiative not only provides brand new toys and clothing items but also includes sweet treats to spread the holiday cheer. Essential toiletries, educational items, and stationary help alleviate the financial burden on parents and caregivers, allowing them to enjoy the holidays without added stress.

Shaping Better Communities

For us, projects like Santa Shoebox go beyond mere acts of charity. They are integral to the company’s identity, representing a commitment to shaping a better, more inclusive inner-city community. By actively engaging in initiatives like Santa Shoebox, we intentionally contribute to creating a positive, compassionate, and thriving environment for all.

The Santa Shoebox initiative stands as a testament to our ongoing efforts to make a lasting impact in communities. It encapsulates the belief that giving back is not just a seasonal activity; it’s a year-round commitment to creating positive change. As we continue to spread love and kindness through initiatives like Santa Shoebox, they reaffirm their dedication to building a brighter future for all.

Wishing you all a happy and merry festive season!