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Energy Management

Problems with Prepaid Electricity

If you experience any problems with your prepaid electricity, contact us on
Tel : 012 319 8700 (office hours) or 082 605 0555 (after hours)
Email prepaid@cityprop.co.za.

Be energy efficient

Energy management refers to the management activities required to ensure that we use energy efficiently and in a sustainable manner. With the supply constraints experienced by South Africa and the resultant escalating costs it has become critical for all users of electricity to analyse their consumption and to implement measures to use electricity sparingly and effectively.

City Property’s energy management team was formed in the first quarter of 2011 and has a well-established presence in the operations and strategic direction of the owners of the properties we manage. The energy management team’s mission is to direct, control and co-ordinate energy optimisation efforts using Eskom funding where feasible, energy service companies and available technology to achieve sustainable benefits for the owners and tenants while maintaining operational standards.

The team stays close to various industry players to ensure that City Property is at the forefront of advances in the industry and can effectively advise all stakeholders on energy efficient measures and how best to reduce consumption. The team regularly engages with Eskom, the various municipalities, the SAPOA sustainability committee and the Johannesburg Property Owners and Managers Association (JPOMA) to discuss matters relevant to energy management.

Several projects are currently underway for the retrofitting of energy efficient lighting and occupancy sensors in common areas. Heat pumps are used in our new residential projects as an alternative to geysers. Council accounts are analysed to ensure that each property is on the most cost-effective tariff based on the consumption patterns of the occupants of the property. Expert utility management companies are employed to ensure that council readings and tenant meter readings are accurate.

Tenants are encouraged to switch off appliances when not in use and avoid using electricity in peak times. For more tips on how to save, visit www.49m.co.za and http://www.eskomidm.co.za/


If you fold your clothing carefully once it is dry, much of it will not need ironing.

Turn the iron off when you are not using it.

Once the iron reaches the correct temperature, switch it off and complete your ironing on the iron’s stored energy.
Use an iron with a thermostat.

Rather iron large batches of clothes in one go: the average iron uses the same amount of electricity as ten 100 watt light bulbs!

You can make a difference to your electricity bill and the environment by using electricity wisely.


A kettle uses the same amount of energy to boil 1 litre of water as a fridge uses in 7 hours!

Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need to boil.

Use the kettle, not the stove, to boil water.

Use vacuum flasks to keep water hot.

Fridges and freezers

When taking items out of the fridge or freezer, do not leave the door open too long.

Hot food must cool down before putting it in the fridge or freezer.

Clean and defrost fridges and freezers regularly.

Make sure the fridge and freezer door seals are in good working condition.