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Frederic’s Place

November 2013

The Joburg Residential Department undertook yet another successful, very touching
and emotional project in 2013. They chose  an old age home and frail care centre in
Coronationville.  The centre, known as Frederic’s Place, is home to some 85 of our
community’s elderly providing them with 3 meals a day, frail care, complete medical care and just a peaceful home for all. Frederic's Place has become "home" for most of
these elders who have sadly been displaced in the latter part of their lives.

The Joburg residential team spent the better part of a day at the home engaging with
the elderly by playing card and board games, bingo, dance and song and simply
taking the time to get into conversation with the old folks.

Other than their time the team also provided much needed items such as:

  • A Hi-fi system and board games for entertainment
  • A food processor, vegetable peelers, tea pots and a heavy duty tin opener for the kitchen
  • Heavy duty hair clippers
  • Irons for their laundry room
  • A sewing machine

The management of the centre and the 85 senior citizens were very touched by
the initiative which resulted in the team leaving the centre with loads of blessings
and prayers. Who better to get prayers from than our elderly?